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About Pattiewack Designs

Pattiewack Designs…is the nickname and product line founded by Pattie Wilkinson. As the ultimate designer, inventor, maker, stylist, crafter, and professed dumpster diver, she has tons of DIY ideas with a distinguished design.  Pattie is a DIY expert and consultant to creative companies specializing in craft products, traveling internationally to teach and inspire. Known by her family and friends as PattieWack, she has created an online persona with a quirky yet modern style as a content producer and video personality. Her YouTube channel has over 16,400 subscribers, generated over 3.5 million views, and showcases her talent through unique DIY projects.

Designer, Pattie Wilkinson aka PattieWack

The PattieWack brand is her passion as she has invented tools for making pom-poms and tassels, and continues to invent new product ideas and techniques at her home studio in California’s Central Valley.  Her mission is to inspire you to make something and have fun doing it. Pattiewack is crazy for pompoms and tassels, sewing and crafting, and living a stylish life through DIY projects she has stamped with her personal touch. 


On a daily basis, you will find Pattie working as an independent designer, working with global companies, developing techniques and creative content to use with craft products in dynamic designs for print, packaging, social media, videos, live television and workshops. She is also a respected set stylist and art director for both photography and video. In addition to her on-camera talent and demonstrator skills, Pattie is experienced in merchandising and product development.

Pattie’s creative lifestyle began as a minister’s daughter in Oklahoma, where being frugal and making something from nothing was more the rule than the exception. She was always in the middle of her mom’s sewing and craft projects and remembers making house shoes out of washcloths for seniors in the nursing home. From those humble beginnings she blossomed into a DIY guru who wrote the book, "The Crafter's Guide to Glue"...and when she says "If I can't glue it, I don't do it" she means it!

The PattieWack way to creativity is discovering you can make something from nothing, and have fun with it!

You can find Pattie's corporate resume here:
PattieWack Resume


Pattiewack Design Studio

The PattieWack Design Studio

Located in the Central Valley of California

The PattieWack Design Studio is a hub of activity, used for daily work on creative content for clients globally.  Pattie And her partner/husband, Scott Wilkinson created a production team in 2000 to service the arts and crafts industry for videos, editorials, product photography, workshops, and product development.  Whatever your needs are, whether it's as small as a single beauty shot, to a large as developing an entire new product development concept, they are the team to build a relationship with.  PattieWack Designs promises and fulfills on quick turn-arounds, visually stimulating photography, budget-friendly contracts, educational and entertaining videos charged with high-energy and delivering beyond your expectations.

You can view a portfolio of PattieWack Designs here:


           HSN with Pattie Wilkinson, Designer/Demonstrator     HSA appearance by PW

With over 20 years of experience in the TV business, Pattie Wilkinson is your best bet for delivering the message for your products on live televised home shopping networks.  She has demonstrated craft products on HSN and has made over 300 appearances on local television stations, the DIY network, QVC, Lifetime and PBS, and co-hosted the “Aleene’s Creative Living” daily program on TNN.  Just recently she appeared in the UK for clients on Hochanda Network and The Craft Channel, selling out on-air and providing excellent designs and product presentations.

PW at the UK International Cake Show

The International Cake Show 2016
Birmingham, England


Trade Shows are amongst Pattie Wilkinson's expertise in the arts & crafts business. From designing the booth, to demonstrating the products, she has a wealth of experience and creativity to contribute at your fingertips.

 Set Styling by Pattie Wilkinson, Photography by Kelly Peterson for iLoveToCreate/SugarVeil Products

Another reason you might need the expertise of Pattie Wilkinson as a seasoned professional designer in the arts and crafts industry, is her ability to create amazing content.  Not only does great content make a better website, it also improves your site’s rankings, which can have a very positive impact on your business.  She can start from sketches, from a new product, or simply an idea that you have and want to promote.  Her editorial experience guides great attention to detail and colorful photography that will produce eye candy for your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media platforms.  If you need step-outs, how-to's, or videos, the PattieWack Design Studio can deliver the solution to all your social media needs.

PattieWack Design services include product development, color selections, trend reports, projects, how-to's, storyboards, POGs, videos, photography, corporate sales presentations, workshops, and live demonstrations.

Lifestyle Photo Styling and Project Designs by PattieWack Designs

Lifestyle Photo Styling and Project Designs by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of iLoveToCreate

Interior Design by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of Duncan Enterprises

Corporate Interior Design Project by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of Duncan Enterprises

Pattie has also worked in interior designs for corporate spaces, banks, hotels, and homes.  Just recently the Duncan Enterprise offices have been going through a renovation phase in which several spaces were completed with the design expertise of PattieWack Designs.  The work begins with a consultation, then storyboards and sketches, purchasing and then the final installations.  


StuffYouLove Bag Campaign - Photo Styling and Photography by PattieWack Designs StudioStuffYouLove Bag Campaign - Photo Styling and Photography by PattieWack Designs

Food Styling by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of SugarVeil/iLoveToCreate

Food Styling by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of SugarVeil/iLoveToCreate 

Set Styling, Project and Photography by PattieWack Design Studios, courtesy of HobbyIdeas

 Set Styling, Project and Photography by PattieWack Design Studios, courtesy of HobbyIdeas India

Editorial Photography by PattieWack Designs for PattieWack Pom-Pom Tools

Editorial Photography by PattieWack Designs for PattieWack Pom-Pom Tools

 Photography and Projects by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of Hobby Ideas India

 Photo Styling by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of Duncan Ceramics

Photo Styling by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of Duncan Ceramics

Photo Styling by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of iLoveToCreate 

Photo Styling by PattieWack Designs, courtesy of iLoveToCreate

Pattiewack Design Studio

For Design Consultations, Contact:

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