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Pattiewack Mini Pom-Pom Maker


Create your own pompoms for knitting, crochet, paper crafts, home accents, Crafts, Fashions, and more! Throw away that old cardboard, and get your hands on the brand new PattieWack™ Mini Pom-Pom Maker that enables you to create FIVE SIZES of pom-poms from 1/2 inch to six 2 1/2 inches wide, in only 3 EASY STEPS, with only ONE single tool:

1/2 inch PomPoms
1 inch PomPoms
1 1/2 inch PomPoms
2 inch PomPoms
2 1/2 inch PomPoms

Virtually anything that can be wound around the tool, can be made into a pompom…such as yarn, fibers, ribbon or raffia. Create pompoms far anything from jewelry, afghans, pillows, shoes, scarves, scrapbooks, boxes, to cards & more. Complete How-To Instructions and Tips included.

The premiere system for making your own pom-poms. Super simple to use and FAST!
And our tools are Made In USA, keeping valuable jobs here in America.