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PattieWack Mini Tassel Maker


The PattieWack™ Mini Tassel Tool enables you to make 5 SIZES of tassels with ONE single tool:
1-1/4 inch Tassels, 1-1/2 inch Tassels, 1-3/4 inch Tassels, 2 inch Tassels and 2-1/4 inch Tassels

Stop paying premium prices for designer tassels. In just a few minutes, you can turn embroidery floss, yarn, ribbon, or fibers into terrific tassels, for pennies!

These tiny tassels are just the right size for adding tassel accents to any project from cards to jewelry. It has a hole to hang on a hook or add a chain to attach it to the handle of your bag. The PattieWack Mini Tassel tool is small and flat, so you can simply toss it in your bag, for a quick tassel accent anywhere.

The premiere system for making your own tassels. Super simple to use and FAST!
And our tools are Made In USA, keeping valuable jobs here in America.