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PattieWack Pom-Pom & Tassel Super Kit


Get all four tools in one great package and save over 15% off the price of the individual tools and pay just one shipping fee. This is the ultimate PattieWack kit to make sure you have all the tools to make pom-poms and tassels, no matter what size you need. A fabulous addition to your DIY tool kit.

With these 4 tools, you can make 21 sizes of tassels and pompoms!

YES, that's TWENTY-ONE sizes of tassels and pompoms.

Virtually anything that can be wound around the tool, can be made into a tassel…such as yarn, fibers, embroidery floss, tulle, paper strips, ribbon or raffia. Create tassels for anything including jewelry, afghans, pillows, shoes, scarves, scrapbooks, boxes, cards & more. Complete How-To Instructions and Tips are included.

The PattieWack™ Makers are durable, machine-cut acrylic and a beautiful addition to your decorating toolbox. I designed them so that you can see through them, which allows you to see how large your tassel or pompom is becoming, as you wind around the tool.

Pompom and Tassel NecklaceSizes of Tassels and Pompoms

PattieWack Tools on the beach