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Who Are the Traveling Weeners?

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The Traveliing Weeners are Otto and Jens, two happy litter mates.  Their owners, Scott and Pattie Wilkinson bought an RV to renovate and travel across the country.  This blog is to share the renovation process and travel adventures to visit family, wineries, breweries, the beach, mountains, tail gating, and more! 


This is our online journal of what it took to hit the road with our 2 favorite dachshunds and work during retirement.  Little did we know that we were part of a huge movement where "RV Living" has become a popular solution to traveling during the covid 19 pandemic.  We are so lucky to own a creative business that allows us to work from anywhere.  

Scott is a photographer/videographer/editor and I am a consultant/stylist/designer and author.  That seems like a lot of hats on two heads, but we provide visual content for numerous global companies for social media, book publishers, craft kits, cosmetic products, fiber arts/needlework products, educational videos for schools, foam/upholstery products, and crafting tools.  As you probably can tell, we LOVE it all!

If you're curious, check out our business portfolio at:

Our recreational vehicle of choice is one that we found online after searching for months and doing the research for finding what we thought would work for us and "the boys", Jens and Otto.  We fell into the black hole where hundreds of listings, blogs, instagrams and youtube videos try and convince you which RV is right for you.  We ended up flying to Phoenix and driving our RV back home, and we couldn't be happier with our choice.

Mercedes Benz V6 3L 154HP, RV, Class C, renovation

We found a 2008 Fleetwood Pulse 24A, Class C, with Turbo Diesel Mercedes Benz V6 3L 154HP, Dodge Sprinter 3500.  That's a mouthful!  In other words, we found an RV in excellent condition, ready to hit the road, but with a sad, dreary 2008 interior that only your great gramma could love.  The powder blue walls, brown upholstery, blue (!) brick backsplash, and yellow linoleum floor was cringe worthy at best.

But, I was in heaven, because I was ready to flip it!

Before     Before          
These are just a few of the "before" pics.  But there are hundreds of photos coming up in the following posts that show how it all turned out, along with full tutorials and step-by-step photos of how to flip your RV.  I'll have tips and tricks to share so that you can learn from my mistakes, and hopefully get some ideas in case you are looking for ways to renovate your traveling dream home.
I'll be sharing my inspiration board, fabric selections, shopping for window shades, how to install tile, and even how to instantly turn your RV into a PARTY BUS!! 

 Stay tuned for more from The Traveling Weeners!







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