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Braided Wall Art - Pool Noodle DIY

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Here’s a great way to add subtle texture and color to a large wall, with yarn and tassels wrapped around a pool noodle to create beautiful Braided Wall Art for your home!

 Let's get started! 


Here's what you'll need -

Red Heart Yarn: 

2 Irresistible - Silver

1 Dream - Rose

1 Super Saver - Light Grey


Craft Supplies & Tools: 

1 Pool Noodle

1/3 Yard of Felt - Light Grey

2 D-rings


Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Pattiewack Tassel Maker

Pattiewack Pompom Maker

Optional: Slip a dowel rod into the pool noodle to stabilize for hanging.



1. Cut 2 circles of felt ½" (1.5cm) larger all around than the end of the pool noodle.

2. Make small perpendicular cuts, not more than ½" (1.5cm) towards center, around the outside edges for ease in gluing to edges of pool noodle.

3. Using glue gun, glue circles of felt to both ends of the pool noodle, folding and overlapping cut edges of felt pieces around side edges of pool noodle.  

4. Cut one long piece of felt to fit around the length of pool noodle, covering completely and allowing for a ½" (1.5cm) overlap. Glue around the pool noodle, overlapping the long edges and covering the edges of end circles.

5. Wind the entire length of Light Grey Super Saver yarn around the noodle to cover completely. If necessary, tack lengths of yarn with a dot of glue in random places to keep it from unraveling.

6. Cut 22 lengths, each 36" (91cm) long, of Silver Irresistible yarn. Fold one length in half and wrap folded edge around pool noodle. Slip ends through folded loop and pull to tighten for a lark's head knot. Keep knot at lower edge of noodle.

7. In same manner, knot lengths to pool noodle in groups of two or three, leaving spaces between the groups.

8. Add groups of Silver along the entire length of pool noodle.

9. Cut 21 lengths, each 50" (127cm) long, of Rose Dreamy yarn. Holding lengths together as a bunch, tie the bunch to the noodle in a lark's head knot in one of the spaces.

10. Divide the bunch into 3 equal groups.

11. Braid the groups of yarn together.

12. Knot the end of the braid in an overhand knot.

13. Leave long ends unbraided.

14. Repeat to add braided bunches of Rose Dream yarn in each of the spaces along length of the noodle

15. Tie one end of a length of Silver Irresistible yarn to one end of noodle.

16. Allowing for a small drape, tie opposite end of length to opposite end of noodle.

17. Make 7, 5-inch Pattiewack Tassels and tie to the drape.

18. Make 1, 5-inch Pattiewack Pompom and glue to the left end of the noodle.

19. Cut squares of felt and fold around straight edge of D-rings. Glue folded edges to the back of the noodle at each end to create hangers for the completed wall hanging.

And your Braided Wall Art is ready to hang!  

 Of course, you can make your Braided Wall Art in any color, and hang it anywhere you need a spot of color and the soft Bohemian vibe.  

It is equally charming as a headboard in the bedroom, with the softness of the yarn draped overhead.  You can hang the wall art with the draped swag of yarn and tassels for a completely different look.

For more yarns inspirations, head on over to!






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