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Classroom Door - Free Giraffe Pattern!

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When the kids go back to school, they are going to LOVE this cute Giraffe Door Decor that says, "STAND TALL".   This classroom door is super fast and fun to assemble and will remind everyone to be proud of who they are, to be present, be strong, be independent and stand tall!
I made the classroom door with the multi-purpose craft material Oly*fun.  It's light-weight, comes in vibrant colors, it's easy to cut, and goes together with a hot glue gun (my favorite tool).


Orange Oly*fun By-the-Yard - Cut to measure to fit the door, plus 6" on each side
Oly*fun Sheets - Brown, Orange, Black, White, Dark Brown, Green
Hot Glue Gun
Pre-cut Letters to spell "STAND TALL"


Below, you'll find the FREE PATTERNS for the Giraffe Door. Drag the patterns over to your desktop and print them out.  Pin the patterns to the Oly*fun, then cut out the pieces according to the notes on the patterns.  You will need several spots, so just cut more as you fill in the space, according to how large the door is.  

How-To Assemble:

Measure the door and then cut Orange Oly*fun (that you purchase by-the-yard) 6-inches larger on all four sides.  This will be your background layer. 
Place the background on a table or the floor. 
Lay the giraffe pieces and letters on the background for placement.  
Cut grass from the Green Oly*fun sheets.
Hot glue all the pieces to the background layer.
Wrap the door with the finished giraffe and thumb-tack to the door.
Or, as an option you can wrap a piece of foam-core board and then place it anywhere you want!


Drag and drop the patterns to your desktop and print.

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