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How to Make Friendship Bracelets

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What screams SUMMER more than Friendship Bracelets? Everybody needs friends and you'll have plenty when you pass these fun friendship bracelets around at summer camp, road trips, and summer vacation. They are super fun, easy, and you can make them on the cheap.  Make them by yourself, or with your friends and family for a great summer pastime.  Here's the full tutorial to make Oly*Fun Friendship Bracelets!

Oly*fun™ Multi-Purpose Craft Materials come in 12 x 12" sheets that are easy to cut, no fraying, and water repellent.  So, they make perfect bracelets when you combine them with 1" plastic rings that you'll find in the sewing notions department at any craft or fabric store.  Grab a clipboard and some scissors and your ready to get started. 

You'll need to cut 3 strips of any color you love. Cut the strips in 1/4" inch widths. 

Next, tie the 3 strips together onto a plastic ring. 

To keep things steady, place the ring into a clipboard. 

Now, begin to braid the 3 strands together. 

 Finish braiding all the way to the end of the strands of Oly*fun.

 Tie the loose end of the braided strips back around to the plastic ring, and you're done!

You bracelet is ready to slip onto your wrist.  The Oly*fun is a little bit stretchy, so you can ease it over your hands and then onto your wrist, no problem. 

If you don't have a clipboard at summer camp, you can anchor your bracelet to a wooden deck with a nail, while you braid away!  Oly*fun comes in every color of the rainbow, so you can pick your favorite colors.  


Have a GREAT SUMMER of FUN, with Oly*fun Friendship Bracelets!


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