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VOTE Pillow - #Vote2020 - Make it Yourself!

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Celebrate your voice, and VOTE!  You can make a quick Statement Pillow with some black and white appliqued letters with a pop of pink, just in time for the 2020 Election!  So let's do this!
Here's what you'll need:
12" White Pillow Cover with a zipper
Fairfield Polyf-il®
Fairfield Stick double-sided fusible web
4" squares of Fabric: 
         1. Hot Pink animal print
         2. Black & White houndstooth
         3. Black & White striped
         4. Black & White graphic print
Non-stick Teflon Ironing Sheet
Ironing Pad or Board
Steam Iron
- Print out the VOTE pattern to fit your pillow.
- Cut out the pattern                           - Cut fabric into 4"squares.
- Cut web the same size as squares      - Steam iron web to squares on teflon sheet
- Peel fabric from teflon sheet             - Pin patterns to fabric, cut out
- Steam iron letters to pillow               - Stuff pillow with Poly-fil
Using a pre-made pillow cover and Fairfield's Poly-fil® make this super quick and easy!
And you're done!!
Of course, you can use any color and patterns in your fabric to customize a pillow for YOUR home, and your style!  I hope you love your pillow, and help us GET out the VOTE in 2020!!
And as always,
Keep crafting, sewing, making, and enjoying life!

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