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How-To Use: The Rainbow Color Selector

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The Rainbow Color Selector is a tool that helps you confidently choose perfect color combinations every time.  Coordinating colors has never been easier!


What makes the Rainbow Color Selectors so great?

It’s a tool creatives can’t live without! They use this tool when planning photography shoots, painted and mixed media projects, graphic layouts, ceramic projects, fashion art, fabric for a quilt, yarn for knit or crochet projects, beads for jewelry, paper crafts, dyeing textiles, color schemes for the home, and even clothes for a great outfit!  

Even for the professional decorator or stylist, color coordination is sometimes difficult. When you have to choose a color that coordinates with another color, but you are stumped for a sound color direction, the Rainbow Color Selector is the perfect solution!

This is a traditional wheel using primary, secondary, complimentary, tertiary tiers, split-compliment, rectangular and square tetrad, analogous and monochromatic for combining and contrasting colors to get the best look.

The very detailed instructions include how to successfully use the Color Selector, basic color theory to help you understand what you're seeing, and why various colors and hues match, contrast or simply don't work together.

Easy enough for beginners, and comprehensive enough for advanced users. 



Who needs this tool?

Ceramic Artists - Fine Artists - Fashion Stylists - Photographers - Graphic Designers

Graphic Artists - Card Makers - Interior Designers - Jewelry Makers

Makeup Artists - Dye Artists - Set Designers - Videographers - Potters

Designers - Textile Artists - Teachers - Crafters - Quilters - Knitters - Crocheters

Glass Artists - Wood Artisans - Colorists - Florists - Web Designers - Gardeners

Easy to Use:

Pick a main color by placing your fabric, paint chip, yarn, or paper under the closest matching see-through window.

Point the rotating wheel to one of the easy-to-see geometric shapes that automatically dials in the color combination you want!

Match the colors to the project you’re making, for the perfect color choices.

Select!  Now you’re ready to create your project with confidence.

This stylish outfit was put together with the SPLIT COMPLIMENT guide on the Rainbow Color Selector, for a perfect color combination!


Place the wheel over the color on your project so that you see the color through the window of the outer wheel that matches, like the orange in this skirt. Then spin the inner wheel to the diagram of the color combination you want to create, with one of the arrows pointing to the first color choice.  In this example, I rotated the wheel so that I could create a Split Compliment combination of colors for a fall outfit.


Next I chose a brown top that matches the orange in the same window on the wheel.  


Next, I placed the wheel over these mustard colored shoes that match the colors in the split complimentary combination.


And finally, I placed the wheel over the navy blue denim jacket in the third window of the split complimentary color combination to complete the outfit.

The Rainbow Color Selector adds a new dimension to your creative process.


The 11-inch Rainbow Color Selector is the perfect size for sharing color information with clients, students, big projects, and presentations.

  • A must-have for teachers and leaders
  • Great for brainstorming in a group
  • Nice size for large projects such as home design
  • Larger print and larger windows
  • Perfect size for matching paint chips, fabrics, yarns, tiles


The 5-inch Rainbow Color Selector is perfect size for the artist or designer who is on-the-go.

  • Same information as the 11-inch size
  • Great for work-shops and classes
  • Perfect size to keep at your desk
  • Clips into a ring binder or planner
  • Fits perfectly in a stylist’s tool box or tote
  • Hangs on a peg above the workbench 

How to Use:

Follow the back of the wheel for instructions.

There are 9 color combinations on the wheel using primary, secondary, complimentary, tertiary tiers, split-compliment, rectangular and square tetrad, analogous and monochromatic. 

Complementary Example:

The color directly opposite your starting color is called its complement and is used as an accent.

     Complementary Home Décor Example:




Triad Example:

Combines every fourth color on the color wheel to form balanced 3-color combinations

     Triad Fashion Example:





Split Complement Example:


The two colors on either side of the complement plus the starting color.

     Split Complement Fashion Example:

     Red Orange




Rectangle Tetrad Example:


A tetrad color scheme involves four colors that are equally space around the color wheel in rectangular formations..

     Rectangle Home Decor Example:






Square Tetrad Example:


Formed by four equally spaced complementary combinations.

     Square Tetrad Floral Example:






Rainbow Color Selectors Pamphlet  (included with Color Selector) - 


Each instruction guide is written in English, Spanish and French.

Meets CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) Standards. 




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