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Handmade Easter Basket

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Nature Inspired Cheesecloth Easter Basket

Go natural this Easter with a handmade basket that will look lovely all spring long! Use cheesecloth, twigs and Aleene’s® Stiffen-Quik™ Fabric Stiffening Spray to create this simple centerpiece for your dining or side table. 


  • Aleene’s® Stiffen-Quik™ Fabric Stiffening Spray
  • Cheesecloth – ½ yard
  • Glass vase or goblet
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap
  • 1” Styrofoam disc
  • 2 Freshly cut twigs


    1. Cut cheesecloth into two 18” squares.
    2. Cover vase or goblet with plastic wrap. Cover work surface under goblet with plastic to protect from overspray.
    3. Drape one square of cheesecloth over goblet; spray with Stiffen-Quik until saturated.
    4. Drape second square of cheesecloth over goblet, aligning so that corners fall in between corners of first piece. Spray with Stiffen-Quik until saturated. Let dry completely. Tip: Use a hairdryer to speed the drying process.
    5. Repeat spraying and drying process until cheesecloth is stiff enough to stand alone without the vase/goblet.
    6. Cut foam disc to same size of goblet/vase base. Place in bottom of cheesecloth basket.
    7. Cut two small twigs. Push the cut ends of branches into the foam disc inside basket, on opposite sides. Cross the tops of branches and intertwine to form a handle.
    8. Fill basket with blown eggs in natural colors to create a natural decorative look.

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