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DIY Vintage Style Hearth Cushions

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This vintage style room is in my friends Kristin and Matt's home, and I've fallen in love with their color scheme and eclectic style in the front living area.  The room exudes a feeling of warmth and welcomes you with rich colors and textures in the woods and textiles.  So, I was excited when Kristin asked me if I could make a pillow for the hearth for extra seating and to soften the strong edges of the brick.  Kristin found the yummy velvet brocade fabric on the internet, and it really adds a nice accent to the room.

The cushion was a huge hit with their beagle Lucy!  It has become her favorite spot to hang out, and of course she is a bit dramatic with her fancy pompom fringed velvet throw to match the velvet brocade in the cushion.

To make your own do-it-yourself hearth cushion, here's a complete guide for cutting, sewing and stuffing with Fairfield's Cushion Foam and Poly-fil® Cushion Wrap.

Start with fabric that is basically double the size of the cushion foam, plus an additional 1/2 yard to wrap around all four sides.  I used a 36" x 22" x 4" Fairfield™ Cushion Foam, so 2 yards was enough fabric to cover the cushion.  I made a little accent pillow with the scrap fabric.

Step 1:  Cut the top and bottom fabric 39" x 25".  This should make allowance for the size of the cushion after it is wrapped with the Cushion Wrap.

Step 2:  Cut the side piece 7" x 128". 

Step 3:  Pin the ends of the side strip together.  

Step 4:  Sew the two ends together.  


Step 5:  Sew a long basting stitch to ease the strip into the corners. Pin the side strip to the bottom cushion fabric and sew.   

Step 6:  Repeat for the top of the cushion.  Leave one side open 20" so that you will have room to stuff the cushion.  Trim the corners and turn right side out.

 Step 7:  Use Fairfield Poly-fil® Cushion Wrap to cover the foam.  It will add to the softness of the cushion when completed.  I like the plush feeling it adds.  Here's how to wrap and cover the foam.

Step 8:  Take the foam out of the packaging.

Step 9:  Place the foam onto the cushion wrap and wrap it around all the sides of the foam like you would wrap a gift.  Pin in place.

Step 10:  Sew the cushion wrap edges together like gift wrap.

Step 11:  Stuff the cushion into the fabric pillow casing.  Pin the opening closed. 

Step 12:  Sew the opening shut with an invisible whip stitch.   

And you're done!  To clean the cushion, use a damp cloth.  If it becomes too soiled to clean with a damp cloth, you can undo the whip stitch, pull out the cushion and dry clean the pillow case, and then place the cushion back and stitch it closed again. 

I think Lucy is in love with the cushion!  She loves it so much :)

Big shout-out to Fairfield™ World for providing the Poly-fil® Cushion Wrap and Cushion Foam!








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