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Shredded Denim Tassels - DIY


HowTo Make Denim Tassels - Tapestry Tote Bag - shop now

Use those old denim jeans to make tassels!  It's easy with the PattieWack Tassel Maker, and it's so rewarding to recycled something you don't wear anymore, into something you can use to decorate your home, put it on a gift bag, or hang it on your tote!

shredded denim tassels

The first step is to cut up the old jeans and then use a rotary blade on a self healing mat to cut oodles of 1/2" strips from the denim.  Tie all the strips together with square knots and then wind into a nice ball. 

recycled denim tassel

Now you're ready to grab your Large PattieWack Tassel Maker to make a large tassel that will fit nicely on a tote bag.  And it will be easy to manage the thickness of the denim if you make a larger size tassel.

jeans made into a tassel

To make a 6-inch tassel, wind the denim strip on the 4th step of the Large Tassel Maker at least 10 times.  Cut off the excess.  Then slip a 16" strip through the top of the wound strips and tie in a hard knot for the top of the tassel.  Then slip another 16" strip through the slit in the tool and tie a knot around the neck of the tassel.  Slide the tassel over and cut the bottom strips.  Pull the tassel off the tool and trim the bottoms of the tassel evenly to complete the tassel.

denim tassel how to make a denim tassel

tapestry tote bag with denim tassel how-to


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