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Doggie Donut - DIY Dog Bed

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DIY dog bed 

My little doxies love this soft and comfy round bed so much that I'm calling it a doggie donut!  They are the sweet filling, and the blanket is built in so they simply crawl into their little donut domain to make a perfectly wonderful hideout!

DIY Dog Bed

Jens and Otto tuck inside this DIY doggie bed like a big cushy pocket.  I actually made 2 of them, so they don't have to share, but they keep getting into the same one!

DIY dog bed 

It was great because there was enough stuffing for 2 dog beds in the Fairfield® Soft Touch® Round 32" Pillow Insert.

Here's what you'll need to make a doggie donut for your fur babies:

DIY Dog Bed

1 Yard - Red Broadcloth

1 Yard - Brown Minky Fabric

2 Yards - Gray Minky Fabric

1 Fairfield® Soft Touch® Round 32" Pillow Insert

Cotton Yarn and Large Needle

Seam Ripper

Measuring Tape & Chalk

Scissors, Straight Pins, Needle, Sewing Machine & Thread

24" Metal Zipper

Fairfield Soft Touch Pillow Form 

 Pillow Insert:

DIY Dog Bed

Step #1 - Open the seam on the pillow insert about 9" with a seam ripper.

DIY Dog BedStep #2 - Make the pillow flatter for your fur baby by pulling out enough stuffing that your breed of dog can be comfortable when laying on the pillow.

I found that by dividing it in half, that I had just exactly the amount of stuffing I need for TWO dog beds for my 18-20 lbs. Dachshunds.

DIY Dog BedStep #3 - Hand sew the seam shut with needle and thread.

DIY Dog Bed

Step #4 - Mark the corners of an 8" square in the center of the pillow, with pins.  This is where you will tuft the pillow to flatten for your pet.

DIY Dog BedStep #5 - Create a tuft at each pin, by sewing a stitch through the pillow and tie tightly to secure.

diy dog bedStep #6 - Repeat at each pin-point to complete all 4 tufts.  Now the pillow insert is ready to place inside the dog bed.  You will be able to take out the insert and throw the dog bed into the washer and dry it, then reinsert the dog bed anytime you want!


Doggie Donut Bed:

How to make the Doggie Donut Dog Bed -

Here is a diagram of the pattern for you to use as a guide for cutting out the fabric for the doggie donut dog bed:

Dog Bed Pattern

DIY Dog BedStep #1 - Measure and cut a 33" circle from the red broadcloth.  Cut the circle in half.


DIY dog bed

#2 - Sew a 24" metal zipper into the two halves of red fabric circle, along the straight edges.  Finish the seam on each end of the zipper, so that the finished zipper joins the two halves completely.  

When the dog bed is completely sewn, you will be able to unzip the zipper and insert the Fairfield® Soft Touch® Round 32" Pillow Insert.

DIY Dog Bed

Step #3 - Cut grey fabric into 2 matching pieces, following the pattern diagram above.  (It is basically a stretched out circle with 3" of one side cut straight across.)  

Step #4 - With right sides facing, sew the straight edge together.  Open the seam and turn the pieces right side out.  Pin the two layers together around the edge to hold in place.  Sew a 1-inch top-seam along the seam line.

DIY Dog Bed

Step #5 - Cut a 33" circle from Brown fabric, as shown in the pattern diagram above. 

Step #6 - Pin the  2 Gray fabric layers to the brown fabric.  Serge or sew around all the edges to join the 3 layers.

diy dog bed

Step #7 - Pin the  Red Broadcloth circle on top, with the brown on bottom and the gray layers in the middle.Sew all the layers together, with zipper facing in.  Leave 6 inches for turning right side out.

Step # 8 - Remove the pins and turn the entire pillow. Hand sew the 6 inch opening with a whip stitch.

diy dog bed

Step #9 - Open the zipper and stuff with your tufted Fairfield® Soft Touch® Round 32" Pillow Insert.

DIY Dog Bed

I hope your fur babies love their new Doggie Donut as much as Otto and Jens!DIY Dog Bed

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  • Pattie on

    Thank you for the fabulous compliment!
    Let’s see if I can give you more explanation for assembling the dog bed. I’ve been reading my instructions, and they could certainly be a little more clear, so I apologize for that.

    The grey fabric is basically like a clam shell cover that serves as a built-in blanket. With right sides facing, sew the 2 grey pieces together along the straight edge, turn, and sew a top seam 1-inch from the sewn edge. Now it will ready to pin and sew to the brown fabric.
    I am going to edit my instructions and see if I can improve them. So thanks for your comments here!!

  • Paige on

    Hello I love love your work and your puppies are beautiful. Quick question, maybe I’m a knot head ( also I’m just teaching myself to sew) but would you explain a tad bit more how the gray fabric is cut and pinned to the brown layer of dog bed and what shape it looks like after you sew the 1 inch from fold but before its pinned please. Thanks and you already explain it well I just need a little more explanation so Im able to visualize it. Sorry for the typos I’m on a cheap phone. Thanks so much

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