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How-to Make a Hot Lips Pillow

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Velvet Pillow How-to

Add a little sizzle to your decor with this Hot Lips Pillow!  All you need are basic sewing skills, 1/2 yard of red velvet fabric, Fairfield Poly-fil® and my FREE PATTERN to make it your very own.                           

Gift Box for Fairfield's 80 days of Poly-fil!      Fairfield Poly-fil Lip Pillow

This year the Fairfield Company is celebrating 80 years in business and to celebrate, they are hosting  80 Days of Poly-fil® Projects!

They have launched a campaign that features 80 days of projects created by Designers like me, and so I decided to make this special project to celebrate their birthday and share with you.  I received a great big box of birthday goodies from them and was inspired to make a pillow for the chaise in the bay window of our master bedroom.  

One of our wiener dogs, Otto likes it!  He was determined to get his picture taken when I was trying to take a picture for the blog, so I just let him nestle in.  :-)

how to make a lip pillow

I chose red velvet for my pillow because I'm redecorating our master suite and the accent color is red with the basic colors being black, white, and warm gold. The pillow would be great in any color to match your decor.  A collection of different lip colors would be fun, too! 

This weekend is Labor Day, so we have 3 days to spend on painting and sprucing things up.  With the Covid19 virus pandemic the prominent part of our life right now, we won't be going anywhere and hunkering down to try and help curb the spread.  It's perfect timing to do some home improvements.  So, let's get started!

pillow supplies

Hot Lips Pillow Supplies:

1/2 Yard Fabric

Fairfield Poly-fil®

Pinking Shears


Sewing Machine

Coats & Clark Dual Duty XP® All Purpose Thread

Tailors Chalk





For the pattern, copy and paste the 4 FREE PATTERN images (above) to a Word document and then print each one separately to fill the page.  Cut out and tape the 4 patterns together for the actual size pattern.


How to make a Lip Pillow

Fold the fabric in half (right sides facing) and pin the FREE PATTERN to the fabric.  Cut out with pinking shears.  If you are using fabric that is non-fraying, you can use straight edge scissors.  Since I was using velvet, I used pinking shears because velvet is notorious for fraying on the cut edges. 

Pin and then sew the edges together with a 5/8" seam.  Leave a 4" opening at the upper lip edge, and another 4" opening at the lower lip edge. This will enable you to access the two sections when adding the Poly-fil®.

Snip the curved edges and corners with scissors.

Turn the pillow right side out.

You can use the Stuffing Tool that is included in the bag of Poly-fil® to push out the curvy seams.

Cut the pattern in half, following the dotted lines of the pattern.

Pin the Lower Lip pattern to the fabric, matching the edges.  Mark with tailor's chalk.  Unpin.

Pin along the chalk-marked line to hold in place when you sew.


Sew along the chalk-marked line on the sewing machine.

Stuff the lower lip, using the Stuffing Tool to push the Poly-fil® into the corners. Hand-sew the opening to close.

Stuff the upper lip, using the Stuffing Tool to push the Poly-fil® into the corners. Hand-sew the opening to close.

And you've done it!  Your Hot Lips Pillow is ready to toss onto a chair, chaise, bed, or maybe even use as a travel neck pillow. 


I know Otto is happy with how it turned out, and I hope you like how your pillow turns out, too!

I love how the Hot Lips Pillow matches the color scheme in my master bedroom.  I plan on painting the wall at the head of the bed BLACK this weekend, and adding a rug and maybe new light fixtures.  So, keep checking back for the update!

 And again, HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY to our friends at FAIRFIELD!!


You can join in Fairfield Celebrating 80 Years too by sharing your Poly-fil® projects on social media. Be sure to tag them on Facebook with @fairfieldworld and use hashtags #fairfield80, #polyfil, #poly-fil, #FFWcelebration when sharing your projects.


A bit of Fairfield history
Founded in 1940, the business was mainly processing natural fibers for hats and clothing. Over time, as haberdashery needs changed Fairfield was one of the first to test early innovations in revolutionary polymer materials. This resulted in a highly resilient, fluffy fiber, called Poly-Fil® that was quickly recognized as a superior soft-toy stuffing. In the 1960’s, the product gained national distribution and became a market leader and top performer.

In the 1980’s a quilting revival and soaring demand created a market opportunity for expansion. New products such as polyester quilt batting and pillows to polyester foam were developed for consumers’ needs.

To this day, Fairfield products and brands continue to lead the marketplace by providing solutions for consumers’ evolving interests and demands with innovations in technical materials and processing. We now provide contract manufacturing services, enabling us to provide the filling in some of your favorite brand name household items, furnishings and toys.











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