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How-to: Use the Rainbow Tonal Color Selector

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Tonal Color Selector

Be a Color Expert!

All you need are the Rainbow Color Selector tools for professionally combining and contrasting colors to get the most amazing results in graphics, fashion, decor and product design.

The Rainbow Tonal Color Selector is a tool that helps you confidently choose perfect color combinations every time. Coordinating colors has never been easier! What makes the Rainbow Color Selectors so great? It’s a tool creatives can’t live without! 
Rainbow Tonal Color Selector

What makes the Rainbow Tonal Color Selector so great?

It’s a tool creatives can’t live without! They use this tool when planning photography shoots, painted and mixed media projects, graphic layouts, ceramic projects, fashion art, fabric for a quilt, yarn for knit or crochet projects, beads for jewelry, paper crafts, dyeing textiles, color schemes for the home, and even clothes for a great outfit!  

Even for the professional decorator or stylist, color coordination is sometimes difficult. When you have to choose a color that coordinates with another color, but you are stumped for a sound color direction, the Rainbow Color Selector is the perfect solution!

If you already have the RAINBOW COLOR SELECTOR in PRIMARY COLORS, you will definitely want the RAINBOW TONAL COLOR SELECTOR to complete the set and be a Color Expert for any project you plan. 

This is a TONAL wheel using tonal primary, secondary, complimentary, tertiary tiers, split-compliment, rectangular and square tetrad, analogous and monochromatic for combining and contrasting colors to get the best look.

The very detailed instructions include how to successfully use the Color Selector, basic color theory to help you understand what you're seeing, and why various colors and hues match, contrast or simply don't work together.

Easy enough for beginners, and comprehensive enough for advanced users. 

Who needs this tool?

Pattie Wilkinson, Design Consultant, Author, Photographer, Videographer

Ceramic Artists - Fine Artists - Fashion Stylists - Photographers - Graphic Designers

Graphic Artists - Card Makers - Interior Designers - Jewelry Makers

Makeup Artists - Dye Artists - Set Designers - Videographers - Potters

Designers - Textile Artists - Teachers - Crafters - Quilters - Knitters - Crocheters

Glass Artists - Wood Artisans - Colorists - Florists - Web Designers - Gardeners

Rainbow Tonal Color Selector 

Easy to Use:

Pick a main color by placing your fabric, paint chip, yarn, or paper under the closest matching see-through window.

Point the rotating wheel to one of the easy-to-see geometric shapes that automatically dials in the color combination you want!

Match the colors to the project you’re making, for the perfect color choices.

Select!  Now you’re ready to create your project with confidence.


Tiered Tassel - How to use the Rainbow Tonal Color Selector

For this Tiered Tassel project, I used the Rainbow Tonal Color Selector to select colors of yarn that coordinated together for a perfect match.

(Click over to the Tiered Tassel to find the complete How-To tutorial.)

How to use the Rainbow Tonal Color Selector

I used a Split Compliment color scheme to make my tassel.  As you can see, I placed the wheel over the yarns and pulled them through the windows and rotated the color wheel to match the arrows that combine in the triangle on the wheel.  The Split Compliment graphics are in gold.  The jade, chartreuse and purple colors of yarn for my tassel compliment beautifully to create a Split Compliment.

The Rainbow Tonal Color Selector 

When you turn the wheel over, there are diagrams with all the different color combinations for a quick and easy reference.

The Rainbow Tonal Color Selector

Each Rainbow Tonal Color Selector comes with a comprehensive guide for a quick education on color selection, based on proven principles of balance and harmony.  The sequence of colors on a color wheel isn't accidental; it is based on the order in which color appears in the spectrum of light from the shortest wavelength to the longest.  When those colors are arranged in a circle, they make a color wheel.

The Rainbow Tonal Color Selector

The Rainbow Tonal Color Selector come in 2 sizes!

The 11-inch Rainbow TONAL Color Selector is the perfect size for sharing color information with clients, students, big projects, and presentations.

  • A must-have for teachers and leaders
  • Great for brainstorming in a group
  • Nice size for large projects such as home design
  • Larger print and larger windows
  • Perfect size for matching paint chips, fabrics, yarns, tiles

The 5-inch Rainbow TONAL Color Selector is perfect size for the artist or designer who is on-the-go.

  • Same information as the 11-inch size
  • Great for work-shops and classes
  • Perfect size to keep at your desk
  • Clips into a ring binder or planner
  • Fits perfectly in a stylist’s tool box or tote
  • Hangs on a peg above the workbench 

family of color wheels


Be a Color Expert!

Collect all 4 of these essential Rainbow Color Selector tools for professionally combining and contrasting colors to get the most amazing results in graphics, fashion, decor and product design.

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