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Weighted Sensory Stimulation Lap Blanket - Success!

Weighted Sensory Blanket

Dad loves it!  The Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket for Dementia is a success!  Since he worked with fabrics in his and mom's quilting business for many years, he really appreciates the beautiful colors, fabrics, trims, and sewing details on his blanket. 


Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket for Dementia

He immediately was drawn to all the gadgets and ways to keep his hands busy.  Dad immediately pulled the shoestring out and re-tied it.  Challenging as it was, he really enjoyed feeling successful as he wound the shoestring into a double knot.  


Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket for Dementia

I think his favorite part was the note I put in the clear window with his name, age, and who he is; a minister, quilter, and cement finisher.  He loved reading it to us and felt very loved and appreciated his gift.  We put some $1dollar bills in the "secret" zippered pocket, and he was surprised every time he unzipped it.  Priceless!

Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket for Dementia

The Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket passed the "mom" test, as she remembered crocheting the bookmark that I added to the blanket with a buckle.  A couple of days later, she laid the blanket across her legs and felt like the weight of the blanket eased the aching in her legs.  What a great feeling of accomplishment I felt with the simple yet soothing gift to my mom and dad.  


If you have a loved one in your family who could benefit with this type of project, I hope that you will find the instructions here on my blog to make a personalized Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket for them.  I will be posting a video here to help you make a Weighted Sensory Lap Blanket.


Please feel free to leave helpful comments below, to help others with loved ones suffering from the challenges of dementia.


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