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How-To Make Tie-Dye Party Umbrellas

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Tie dye works great on paper!  You can order the paper umbrellas online and then use them for your party to create amazing pops of color on the ceiling, on the tables, and for selfies.  They're really easy to do, and the colors turn out so vibrant and they really popped at our tie dye baby shower. Here's the simple steps for making these pretty parasols!
What you need:  
– one bottle of Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye mixed up in plastic tub
– large paintbrush from hardware store
– 1 32" paper parasol (you can find these at Luna Bazaar online)
Lay out your parasol on a table. It's best if you can fit the handle down in a groove so that the parasol is as flat as it possibly can be.
 Dip your paintbrush in the dye mixture. Starting from bottom, sweep your bristles up about 4 to 5 inches.  This will allow your dye to create the dry brush look shown.
Continue sweeping around your umbrella, making sure to apply an even coat all around.  Let dry completely!
 We placed our parasols on our fruit and drink tables... you can tell, we used lime, turquoise, yellow, and fuchsia Tulip One-Step Tie-Dyes for our color palette.
We also put them up above!
They turned out so colorful and fun!

These parasols not only are perfect for a shower, they'd be perfect for a wedding too!

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  • Theo on

    how did you hang them from ceiling?

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