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DIY Mosaic Chimenea

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Turn a chiminea into a fountain, covered with broken dishes.  A miniature tea set added to the design gives it a surprisingly unexpected whimsical touch. 

chimenea DIY

chimenea DIY


chimenea DIY  




Broken ceramic and china dishes

Miniature tea set

Aleene’s® Liquid Fusion Glue


Sponge & water



Fountain pump

Clay pot (sized to turn upside down in the chiminea)

Sealer & brush



  1. Seal the inside of the chiminea to enable you to add water for the fountain.  Let dry.
  2. Drill a hole in the back of the chiminea above water lever, for the cord to pull through from the pump.
  3. Break dishes into small pieces with a hammer.  Lay chiminea on one side.  Glue broken dishes and miniature tea set to one side of the chiminea with Aleene’s® Liquid Fusion Glue.  Let dry.  Turn the chiminea and repeat gluing process until all sides are covered.  Apply grout according to package directions. 
  4. Apply sealer to the outside of the pot and over the mosaics.
  5. Break a small chip out of the lip of the clay pot.  Place the pump inside, pulling the cord through the hole.  Cover the pump with the clay pot and pull the pump tube up through the clay pot’s drain hole.  Fill the rest of the pot with broken dishes.
  6. Pour water into the chiminea until the pump is submerged.  Plug into an outlet and enjoy!

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