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Easter Bunny Sock Puppets

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Sock Puppet how-to

Sock Puppet how-to

Sock Puppet how-to




1. Trace two small hearts on darker color felt and two large hearts on lighter color felt and cut out. Repeat for additional socks.

2. Use Extreme Embellishment Glue to adhere small hearts centered on top of large hearts as shown. Lay sock heel side up and glue hearts on each side of heel. Hold hearts in place with clothespins until dry.

3. Cut two ½” circles from lighter color felt and two ½” arches from darker color felt for eyelids.

4. Glue arches to the top edges of circles then glue a crystal under the arches to create eyes. Glue eyes on sock just under heel, using photo as a guide for placement. Hold in place with straight pins until dry.

5. Glue smaller *pompom under eyes where shown to create nose. Cut chenille stem in half and glue under pompom. Hold in place with pins until dry.

6. Glue larger *pompom near top of sock for tail, using photo as guide for placement.

7. Let all pieces dry completely, then remove pins and clothespins.

8. Place one hand inside sock and use other hand to push the toe into the palm of hand inside sock to create mouth.


*Use the Mini PattieWack Pom-Pom Maker to make your pompoms, to add to the fun!

How to make a pompom




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