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Flirty Pom-Pom & Tassel Jacket

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It's always a good time to think about Holiday Gifts and Events, and here's an idea that any girlie girl will love to give or receive.  

I made tons of pompoms, tassels and rosettes with the PattieWack Pompom Tool and the PattieWack Tassel Tool, then I sewed them to this adorable crochet jacket.  

The leaves are cut from felt and I added wooden beads to add more texture and interest for an adorable addition to your fave jeans or a little chocolate skirt for any special occasion.



Knitted or crochet sweater. 

Large upholstery needle

Small size Pattiewack™ Pompom Tool

Small size Pattiewack™ Tassel Tool

Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Thread, Size 3, 0775 Warm Rose

Red Heart Easy Tweed, 6674 Raspberry

Red Heart Super Saver 0966 Cherry Chip

7 – 3/4” Wooden Beads

12 – 2” Brown Felt Leaves, embroidered with Warm Rose


Warm Rose Rosette Steps: 

  1. Wind both warm rose thread around the tassel tool on the 1-1/4”” step, 30 times.
  2. Bind the top of the rosette with 6” of yarn.
  3. Cut to loops and pull the rosette off the tool.
  4. Spread the cut loops around to create a flat rosette. 
  5. Tie a bead to the center of the rosette with additional yarn.
  6. Repeat steps to create 3 rosettes.  Lay aside.


1-1/2” Raspberry Tweed Pompoms:

Make 5 Lancelot pompoms, on the 1-1/2” step of the pompom tool, winding 30 times and tying with 6” of yarn.  Lay aside.

1” Raspberry Tweed Pompoms:

Make 10 Raspberry pompoms, on the 1” step of the pompom tool, winding 20 times and tying with 6” of yarn.  Lay aside.

1-1/2” Cherry Chip Pompoms:

Make 10 Cherry Chip pompoms, on the 1-1/2” step of the pompom tool, winding 40 times and tying with 6” of yarn.  Lay aside.

1-3/4” Raspberry Tweed Tassels:

Make 2 tassels, on the 1-3/4” step of the tassel tool, winding 15 times and tying the tops with 10” of yarn. Tie the tassel to the ends of the ties on the jacket.

Final Steps: 

  1. Arrange all of the pompoms, leaves, and rosettes in the desired place on the front of jacket.  (Use photo for suggested placement.)  Pin into place.

Sew all of the pieces to the garment with an upholstery needle to complete.

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