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Pompoms and the Pussyhat Project

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The Pussyhat Project Information Page
We are only days away from the inauguration and then The Women's March on Washington D.C. is happening January 21, 2017!   Currently on Facebook, there are 111,000+ people  pledged to go to the march. The site of the march is  the iconic National Mall - fits over 1.17 million people.  And across the country there are countless cities also participating.  If women joining the movement wear the pink pussyhat, there will be seas of pink, showing that we all stand together in the fight to protect women's rights. 
My passion is the women in my life, and I want to stand with all the women who are making a statement against anyone who would brag about grabbing a woman by the *bleep.    
Here is the link to get your pattern to make your pussyhat and
wear it loud and proud on January 21st, and unite in this great cause!
Pussyhat Project with PomPoms
In the photo above you see Ashley Bouder wearing a pussyhat in
commemoration of the women's movement and the Pussy Project.
 I love Ashley's knitted hat so much, and I love the POMPOMS!
Ashley on Instagram 
Ashley on Wikipedia

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