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Valentine's Day Card Box - "Who-o-o-o Do You Love?"

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Valentine's Day Box - Owl and pompom

Remember making Valentine's Day Boxes for our cards in school?  That was my favorite thing to do!  This adorable Owl Valentine's Day Box says, "Who do you love?" and I made it to keep cards in that my hubs has given me over the years.  It's simple enough for you to use as an idea for your kid's Valentine card boxes also.  Here's how:

Valentine's Day Owl Box - supplies

I started with a box from one of those monthly clubs, since I have tons of them  Mine was a Birch Box, and it's a good size for stashing all my cards I've keep through the years.  Other thing you'll need are paper straws, cording, puffy hearts, ribbon, glitter, paper, rhinestone,scissors, straight pins and glue. 

Valentine's Day Owl Box - eyesCut strips of paper and fan-fold. Glue ends of strips together to form a pleated circle medallion. Pin into place until dry. Repeat steps for 2 medallions.  Set aside to dry.

Valentine's Day Owl Box - cover

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to cover the top of the box.  Glue to the box.

Valentine's Day Owl Box -body

Cut out paper in an owl shape as seen.  Cut out 2 paper hearts and glue to base of owl for feet.  Glue rhinestones to owl to represent feathers.  Glue a puffy heart to center of owl for a beak.

Valentine's Day Owl Box -border

Glue the medallions to the owl and puffy hearts on top for the owl's eyes.  Glue ribbon and straws around the edges of the box top. 

Valentine's Day Owl Box -message clothespin

Glue clothespin to the top of the box and decorate the clothespin with glue and glitter.  Add a card that says, "Whoo-o-o-o do you love?"  Tie a little ribbon on the card, and add a pompom too, if you like!

Valentine's Day Box - Who Do You Love?


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