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Crochet and Pompom Bracelet DIY

crochet pompom bracelets how-to diy

Pattiewack Pompom Crochet Bracelet How-To/DIY


If you love pompoms and you love to crochet, take an everyday bangle bracelet and crochet over it.  

Then, you're all set to add a pompom with the PattieWack™ Mini Pom-Pom Maker!


Unlike those "other" pompom makers, the Mini PattieWack™ Pom-Pom Maker allows you to wrap fuzzy, dimensional, crazy-fun yarns and fibers around it to make the most fuzzy and FUN pompoms ever!


On this one, I wrapped acrylic yarn and a couple of eyelash yarns around the mini tool, tied it in the center, then cut the sides to make an instant pompom.  Then I attached the fun pompom to my bracelet for a fabulous little fashion accent.  

Fun, fun, fun!

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