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Woven Wall Hanging - "Knotty & Nice"

batting cotton dyed batting damask fabric denim pompoms denim tassels fabric strips faded jeans Fairfield indigo knotty lemon drop Loopy Mango organic orly-fun recyled jeans shibori stripped jeans thrift store wall art weaving woven wall hanging


Woven wall hanging with shibori indigo dyed Fairfield batting, Orly-Fun lemon drop, recycled jeans, pompoms and tassels

This woven wall hanging was so much fun to make for Fairfield with their fabulous cotton batting that I dyed with Tulip® dyes in lemon and indigo colors, and combined them with recycled jeans, shredded damask fabric, and Loopy Mango yarn.  It is part of a Fairfield social media campaign, and I can't wait to show you the rest of the projects that were made for a beautiful sunroom with tons of projects.  So check back soon, for more deets! 

Meanwhile, here are the steps it took for me to make this wall art, that I hope inspires you to get busy and weave something fabulous for your home.  And P.S. it's not nearly as hard to make as it looks!



Fairfield Toasty Cotton™ Batting

            100% Natural Cotton Quilt Batting (medium) 1 roll from 2-Pack

Oly-Fun™ Lemon Drop Fabric

½ Skein “Loopy Mango” Yarn

            100% Domestic Merino Wool

2 Skeins (140 Yards Each) Caron Acrylic Rug Yarn

Tulip™ One-Step Fabric Dye

            3 pkgs. Blue

            3 pkgs. Yellow

1 Pair Denim Jeans

¼ Yard Damask Denim Printed Fabric

            100% Cotton Swavelle/Mill Creek Dalusio

Two 45” Wooden Rods

PattieWack™ Large Tassel Maker & Large Pom-Pom Maker



Scissors, Clamps, Foam Board, Pins, Crochet Hook, Fabric Glue

 materials for woven wall hanging

Mix blue and yellow dye according to directions, pour into containers.

Cut batting in half, then roll tightly and plunge into dye.  Let set overnight.

Wring out dye and rinse until water runs clear.  Hang dyed batting to dry.

Hang dyed batting to dry, shibori, lemon drop

Cut up denim jeans into 1-inch strips.  Launder and hang in sun to dry.

Denim cut into strips

Hang rod with yarn and clamp to foam board.

Macrame reverse lark's head knot

Cut rug yarn into 2-yard lengths.  Tie to rod with a reverse Lark’s Head Knot. Continue across the entire length of the rod.

macrame bottom of woven art hanging

Clamp second rod to foam board, 30-inches from the top rod.  Tie loose yarn to rod across the entire length of the bottom rod with a Square Knot.

Weaving with crochet hook

Weave Loopy Mango Yarn across the top of the hanging with a crochet hook. Continue across the entire length of the rod 5 times.

Indigo, shibori dyed batting, Fairfield

Tear the dyed blue batting into a long irregular piece.  Weave entire piece from left to right, skipping every 5 rows.  Glue batting edge to the back.

Batting weaving onto woven wall hanging

Create large loops with the Loopy Mango Yarn from left to right, then tightly weave in rows to finish the area where the batting ends.

Loopy Mango Yarn in weaving wall hanging

Weave strips of OlyFun™ Fabric tightly to fill in the area for an accent.

Oly-Fun lemon drop woven into wall hanging

Weave strips of denim damask fabric to even out the area below the irregular shaped batting.

Weaving batting, jeans, Oly-Fun, damask fabric, yarn, in wall hanging

Continue the weaving process, interchanging the different materials and textures until you reach the bottom rod.

tie top of tassel on PattieWack Tassel ToolBind neck of tassel on PattieWack Tassel Tool

cut bottom of tassel on PattieWack Tassel ToolPattieWack Tassel

Using the PattieWack™ Pom-Pom and Tassel Makers, create 12 large pompoms and tassels with strips of all the materials.

wind around PattieWack Pom-Pom MakerTie center of pompom on PattieWack Pom-Pom Makercut pompom on PattieWack Pom-Pom Makerfinished pompom on PattieWack Pom-Pom Maker

Tie the tassels all the way across the bottom of the wall hanging, and then tie the pom-poms at the top of all the tassels.

tie tassels to woven wall hangingpompom to woven wall hanging

Take out bottom pole

Glue any loose edges on the back of the wall hanging.  Let dry.

Braid or twist Loopy Mango Yarn and use to create a hanger, leaving loose ends.

tie pompoms to center of woven wall hanging

Make an extra-large pompom and a medium pompom.  Tie pompoms off-centered to the wall hanging as an accent, and to complete the woven wall hanging.



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