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DIY Valentine's Day Chocolate Wrappers

Valentines Day Candy Wrappers

You simply can't have Valentine's Day without candy, can you?  And they need to be a bit fancy, too!  These graphic candy bar wrappers are great to add some special pizzaz to the day.  All I did was grab scrapbook papers from my stash and started cutting away.  I pulled off the original wrappers to use as a template for the perfect size to cut.  Then all I had to do was cut out some hearts, and strips of paper to spiff them up.  I cut letters and punched holes from paper and started gluing.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.  And I hope my honey bunny likes them too!

By the way, you know I couldn't let them go without adding a tassel or two.  I love this chenille cording, and it made the most adorable tassel to wrap around one of the Valentine Candy Bars.  See the easy steps below for making a tassel with the Mini PattieWack™ Tassel Maker.  

Happy Valentines Day.... now let's eat chocolate!

How to make a tassel - wind

Step 1 - Wrap cording around the Mini PattieWack™ Tassel Maker 8 times.  Not too tight!


How to make a tassel - tie the top

Step 2 - Tie a knot in the top of the tassel, leaving enough cording to wrap around a Valentine Candy Bar.How to make a tassel - bind the neck

Step 3 - Bind the neck of the tassel with cording, tying tightly.

How to make a tassel - cut

Step 4 - Cut the bottom of the tassel with scissors.  You might need to slide it down to loosen and get your scissors in there to cut the very bottom of the tassel.

How to make a tassel - flex tool and release

You're done!  Flex the tassel tool just enough to release the tassel and then trim off the ends of the tassel to a nice even fringe.

How to make a tassel - wrap around candy bar for Valentines Day

Tie the tassel around a Valentine's Day candy bar and give it to someone you love....yum yum!

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