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Quilled Heart Art

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Quilled Heart Art

Have you ever tried the ancient art of QUILLING?  Well, if you love paper, love making pretty things, and love being'll probably love quilling. This Quilled Heart Art will capture your heart because it's a great beginner's introduction to quilling.  I picked up my quilling papers at my Jo-Ann Fabric store and had the shadowbox frame in my stash.  Aleene's Tacky Glue, a wooden skewer, and pair of scissors are basically all you need for craft supplies.  Oh, and a pencil with an eraser.

 Here's how I made mine:

Step 1

I always thought I would hate making something so intricate, but as it turns out, it wasn't hard at all.  The first step is to draw or trace a heart onto cardstock with a pencil.  Cut out the heart and glue it to a large piece of cardstock.  This heart will be your guide to fill in with paper quilling coils.

Next, wind a piece of the 1/4" quilling paper around the end of a wooden skewer.  Unroll it so that it make a loose coil and a loop as you see in the 1st photo above.  Glue it into place at the top left of the traced heart.  There, you have your first coil!


 Fill in the open loop with coils and teardrops. Glue into the open spaces.


 Roll a teardrop and glue to the left edge of heart. Roll a loose coil and glue between the teardrop, in the open space.


 Roll teardrops and loose coils to continue down the left edge and down to the bottom of the heart.


Roll a loose coil and form the end into a paisley shape. Glue to the right top of heart.  Roll another loose coil and lengthen the end to glue to the bottom of the heart, and along the right side of the heart. 


  • Roll 2 loose coils and a teardrop then glue into the empty space at the top of the heart.
  • Roll 3 loose coils and straighten the ends. Glue the 3 points together and glue into the bottom right side of the heart.


  • Fill in the open space with loose coils to complete heart shape.
  • Roll 4 tight coils to fill spaces at the top left of the heart.
  • Let dry and place into frame.


finished quilled heart art 



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