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Shrinky Dinky Name Tag/Keychain

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Every kid wants to make his backpack special, right?  And what a better way, than to make their very own name tag with shrinky dinky plastic!  My grandson Zane really loved it when I made this one for him.   

Shrink-It Backpack NemeTag

Color shrink plastic with markers

I started with a sheet of my Matte PattieWack™ Shrink Plastic.  I wrote his name with permanent markers and filled in the spaces with bright primary colors, black polka dots, and black outlines so that it looked like it was straight out of a comic book.

cut out design

Next, I cut around the edges of the design and punched a 1/4" hole in the plastic so that it would have a way to attach a keychain.

shrink with heat gun

The most fun thing about shrink plastic is watching it shrink.  I like to use a heat gun so that it goes really fast, and I don't have to heat up my oven.  If you don't have a heat gun, simply place the shrink plastic on a cookie sheet with a little sprinkle of baby powder so it doesn't stick.  Place it in a 250 degree oven and watch it love this!

attach key ring

That's all there is to it, and the kids will go crazy for it.



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