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"Dream" in Gold Polka Dots - DIY Pillows

Aleene's Fabric Fusion

Fairfield Gold Polka Dot Pillow
Golden polka dots and a pillow that says "dream".....?  I'm going to say, "Yes, please!"
This little vignette of loveliness couldn't be easier to say "Yes" to, because it is a no-sew project that is so simple you'll be putting golden polka dots on everything!
The whole thing started when Fairfield came out with this luscious gold lame' metallic style fabric that is webbed on the back so it doesn't fray.  It's called Oly-Fun™ and it really IS fun. Plus, I'm in love with gold and polka-dots right now, so it absolutely feeds my trendy cravings.  It needs to be spot cleaned and can't be ironed.  But who needs to iron a pillow anyway, right?
One of the really cool things I found out is that you can PUNCH it with craft punches....yay!  So, the polka dots were super fast to cut out.  I put the fabric between two pieces of paper, and it worked like a charm.  
I took a few pics, so here's how I did it:
punch circles from Fairfield Orly-Fun gold metallic fabric
I started with 2 white pillow covers; one for the polka-dotted design and the other for the "dream" pillow.  I punched out a couple dozen circles and cut out the word "dream" with scissors.  I found that drawing the word on a piece of paper and sandwiching the fabric between paper and the written word, made it easy to cut out the fabric.
Fairfield Oly-Fun gold metallic fabric
Then I glued the pieces onto the pillow covers with Aleene's Fabric Fusion, and let it dry.  Super Easy!  I filled up both pillows with Fairfield Poly-Fil® and zipped them up.  I really love how they turned out, and how easy they were to make.  Pretty "dreamy" don't you think?
Fairfield Gold Dreams and Dots Pillow

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