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You Can Make Raffia Pom-Poms

raffia pompoms

how to make raffia pompoms


If you love pompoms, and are stuck with one of those donut pompom makers, I'm sure you thought it was impossible to make pompoms with raffia.  But WAIT! (LOL) You can make them with the PattieWack™ Pom-Pom Maker tool.  

Grab your Large PattieWack™ Pom-Pom Maker and wind the raffia onto the tool just like you would yarn.  You won't need to use a lot of raffia since it will flair out and create a cute bushy pompom. 

I glued mine to corks and used them to re-seal bottles of wine.  Of course, there's always a few uncorked bottles of wine in our house!  And they look adorable lined up with little raffia pompoms!  :-)

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